all i am is a high-end fashion label offering contemporary kids wear. Inspired from the philosophy of Wabi Sabi from the Far-East it is made for the turbulent and adventures daily lives of our youngsters. The collections are made to dress newborn as well as children up to the age of six.  
Wabi Sabi plays with the re-discovery of the values of natural beauty. According to the Japanese philosophy, it is individuality and naturalness that make a human unique and distinct. Nature in all its ways presents true beauty and finds ist perfection in imperfection –long lasting and with a very high level of aesthetics. Nature is the best mother to learn from. Therefore, all i am takes its main inspiration from it.
„Minimise everything to the essentials, but do not loose the poetry.“

Simple lines paired with refined details are the key characteristics of each collection. The clothes for children from all i am are made from sophisticated patterns and shapes considering their durablility, but also  to become everyones’ favourite piece to wear. Each collection contains dresses for kids, pants, shirts, jackets and many more functional and simple garments, but always with a twist of contemporary design.
all i am makes different clothes for children with innovative designs and patterns to give them the freedom, fun and aesthetics to grow into valuable individuals with their origin in simplicity.